Power of real economy

About us

Lukos Group SA was founded in Lugano, Switzerland in 2008 as a Holding company for investment initiatives in Food, Energy and Real Estate sectors.

Our team has a specific know-how that is critical in achieving a positive economic impact.

Projects are carefully selected based on various factors, ranging from macroeconomic indicators to detailed due diligence processes.

Our History & Timeline

2010 - 2016

The company structured and built a 4000 m² production plant. It included a controlled atmosphere storage facility, with a capacity of 3500 tons, and a separate processing area for the production of fruit/vegetable puree, with a processing capacity of 7 ton/hour.

The project was sold at the end of 2016.

2016 - present

After selling the production facility, Lukos Group SA has been focused in expanding it’s operations in Food and Energy trading while hedging it’s cash flow management with Real Estate investments.

This strategy has contributed in steady growth of revenues and profit margins over the last years.


Our aim is to create value and contribute to sustainable development by becoming a reference player in Central - Eastern Europe.

Become a regional leader in project management, innovation, and wealth generation by acting as a catalyst for smart investments and innovative products.


Transparency, integrity, curiosity, and respect for the environment are the core values of the Lukos Group.

The quality of our people, their competence, experience and integrity are the pillars of this company.